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A licensed edition of FirmaSAT for Windows costs $US120 per year** (excluding government taxes) plus a one-time setup fee of US$120.

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  1. Purchase FirmaSAT for Windows from our FastSpring Secure Order Store: Buy It Now/Comprar ahora»
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  2. You will be issued with a 17-character Download Code. The Download Code is in the Delivery Information email you will receive from FastSpring acknowledging your purchase.
  3. Enter your Download Code on our download page to receive the latest Developer Edition of the software. You may use this code to download all new releases of FirmaSAT for one year.

** This is a subscription service renewable each year. A valid subscription entitles you to download the latest licensed version of FirmaSAT and all upgrades for 12 months. Note the subscription service is for upgrades. Your downloads do not expire. You may use any download indefinitely according to the terms of its license. You may cancel the subscription service at any time and any download you made is still valid (and you may continue to download new releases until your 12 months has expired). You will be reminded 10 days before any renewal payment is due with an option to cancel it. While your subscription is valid, you may download any new release. If your subscription expires and you wish to renew later, a new subscription is required including the setup fee. See Why do I have to pay a setup fee?