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Download Licensed Edition of FirmaSAT for Windows

Developer's Licence. Allows full incorporation into your applications for distribution to third parties world wide. The Developer Edition works on all modern Windows platforms and replaces the Trial Edition.

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How to Download

Enter your details below and click on the Download button to receive your licensed copy of FirmaSAT for Windows (read the licence terms).

Your Download Code or Upgrade Code is in the Delivery Information email you would have received from FastSpring when you purchased or renewed it. It consists of 17 characters of the form:

Your Download Code is MCxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Note that you get a new Code each year. Check your emails and make sure you use your latest Code. If you have a problem please contact us.

Registered name or email:  
Download or Upgrade Code: (17 characters beginning "MC")
  I agree to the download conditions.

The latest version of FirmaSAT is 10.60.10 (compiled 12 October 2023). The zip file to be downloaded is 1.1 MB. Can't download?

If you purchased more than one licence, the Codes will be listed one after the other. Just use one Code at a time to download.

Trouble installing: If Microsoft Defender Smartscreen gives you a warning, see Unrecognized app error. (TL;DR Click "More info" then "Run anyway"). Check that you see "Publisher: D.I. MANAGEMENT SERVICES PTY LIMITED".

Credit card statement:
Your credit card will be billed by by FS* or FS* If your purchase was made using a company credit card, please make sure the purchasing officer is made aware that this entry will appear on the company credit card statement.

Download conditions

How to Install

Save the file to your hard drive, unzip it, and double-click on install.exe (and perhaps read the README.txt file). On setup, the latest version of the Developer Edition of the DLL will be installed on your system and will overwrite any existing version. You need to have administrator rights when installing on your own developer machine. There are instructions included on how to distribute to your users (see distrib.txt). Do not distribute the setup file or your Download Code to your end users.

You can just install the latest version of FirmaSAT over your earlier version of FirmaSAT. The core DLL has the same name (diFirmaSAT2.dll).

Make sure you update all the executable files diFirmaSAT2.dll, FirmaSAT.exe and diFirmaSatNet.dll at the same time in your own distributions.

Can't download?

If you cannot download the file and you have a valid subscription, please contact us and quote your Licence ID or purchase transaction number. Only holders of a valid subscription (beginning with MC) can download from here* .

* Please note that your original download and its licence for use are still valid and do not expire. You may continue to use the software you downloaded indefinitely, subject to the licence conditions.

Please make sure we always have your correct email address in our records.

My payment failed!

Help! I'm trying to purchase your product but my payment failed. Now I cannot try again. What can I do?

See My payment failed!.

Update your registered email address

Please keep us notified of your current email address. We only use this to tell licensed users about upgrades and discounts. Your registered email address is the one you used to purchase our product, unless we have been told otherwise. If we don't have your latest email address, you will miss out on upgrades.

Update your registered email address here.

How to Get Support

Please see Support for FirmaSAT.

Contact us

To contact us, please send us a message.

This page last updated 12 October 2023