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Why do I have to pay a setup fee?

FirmaSAT annual subscription service

Since June 2018, from v9.0 onwards, the latest version of FirmaSAT has only been available for download to subscribers who pay an annual fee. Subscribers are able to download all revisions and updates of FirmaSAT while their 12-month subscription is valid. (This will include the new CFDi 4.0 when released, which will be available for download to all current subscribers at no extra charge.)

New subscribers pay a one-time setup fee, as do former subscribers who did not renew their subscription.

Loyal subscribers who have maintained their annual subscription continously do not pay anything extra to download any new version of FirmaSAT, be it a minor revision to a catalog or a completely new version of CFDi.

However, if your subscription is not renewed, a new setup fee will be charged if you wish to subscribe again. This is only fair to loyal subscribers. Several reminders would have been sent to warn that your subscription would be cancelled if you did not renew it.

Before June 2018, users who purchased a license for, say, version v8.0, were able to download only v8.0 of FirmaSAT (which is still valid and you may continue using it indefinitely). Like all previous licenses, it did not entitle you to download any future releases. We used to offer existing users a special discount to upgrade to the latest version, so you paid a fee each time to gain access to the latest version. From June 2018, we replaced that system with a subscription service with a fixed fee valid for 12 months.

I have a v8.0 Licence, purchased prior to June 2018 and have not subscribed since then. Why do I have to pay a setup fee?

When v9.0 of FirmaSAT was released in June 2018, existing v8.0 licensees were offered the opportunity to take out a subscription at a fixed cost per year and with no setup fee. This was a change to the old system of paying for a new licence each time a new version was released.

Again in October 2018, when v9.1 of FirmaSAT was released, we offered the opportunity to take up the subscription offer to all v8.0 licence holders. A v8.0 licence ID is of the form YGxxxxxxxxxxxx.

You were reminded at the time that this was the last chance to subscribe and that the only way to upgrade afterwards would be to purchase a new licence. Purchasing a new license involves paying an extra setup fee.

Users who took up this offer are now paying the same fixed fee each year, regardless of any changes to the annual fee to new subscribers since then. If you didn't take up the offer, well, sorry, but you need to purchase a new licence and pay the setup fee.

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This page first published 24 November 2021. Last updated 11 December 2021.