CryptoSys API Library Manual


'Hello world' programs
.NET Classes and Methods
.NET Help File
A caution about insecure default algorithms
ActiveX Classes and Methods
ActiveX Interface
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) functions
Aead Class
AEAD functions
Aes128 Class
Aes192 Class
Aes256 Class
An interface for Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data (AEAD)
ANSI C users must add one to this value...
Authenticated Encryption with Additional Data (AEAD)
Background Basics
Block cipher algorithms
Block cipher functions
Block Cipher Modes and Initialization Vectors
Blowfish Class
Blowfish functions
Cautions for C/C++ Users
Changes in earlier versions
Changes in error codes in version 5.1
Changes in this version
Cipher Class
CipherStream Class
Cnv Class
Combining bitwise options
Common problems when encrypting
Compiling with C
Compr Class
Compression functions
Conventions in this document
Conversion functions
Converting strings to bytes and vice versa
Converting VB6 to VB.NET
Copyright Notice
Correct sequence for AEAD incremental functions
Crc Class
Cross-reference between Functions and .NET Methods
Cyclic Redundancy Check functions
Data Compression in Cryptography
Data Encryption Standard (DES) functions
Deprecated Functions
Des Class
Detecting Win32 or X64 platform
Document Revision History
Empty byte arrays
Enumerations in .NET
Error Codes
Extendable-output functions (XOF)
Extensions to block cipher functions for files
Gcm Class
GCM functions
General Class
General functions
General Programming Issues
Getting Started
Hash Class
Hexadecimal versus Bytes
KMAC: KECCAK Message Authentication Code
List of .Net Methods
List of Functions
Mac Class
Md5 Class
MD5 Hash Algorithm functions
Message authentication code (MAC) functions
Message Authentication Code functions
Message Digest Hash functions
Notes on SHA-3
Notes on VBA wrapper functions
One-way message digest (hash) functions
Optional Registry Settings
Other Issues For VB6/VBA Users
Padding functions
Padding schemes for block ciphers
Passing a reference to an empty byte array in VB6/VBA
Password-based encryption functions
Pbe Class
Pc1 Class
PC1 Stream Cipher functions
Pre-dimensioning for VB
Prf Class
Pseudorandom functions (PRF)
Return Values
Rng Class
RNG Mechanisms
Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1) functions
Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-256) functions
Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-3) functions
Secure Random Number Generator
Secure Random Number Generator (RNG) functions
Security Issues
Sha1 Class
Sha256 Class
Sha3 Class
Specifying the algorithm and mode for generic block cipher functions
Storing and representing ciphertext
Stream cipher functions
Stream ciphers
Summary of .NET Classes
Tdea Class
Technical Details
Techniques to add known security strength to the RNG process
The cipher suite ASCON
The Poly1305 message authentication algorithm
Triple Data Encryption Algorithm (Triple DES) functions
Type Conversions
User-supplied entropy (seeds)
Using with .NET: C# and VB.NET
Using with ANSI C
Using With Borland C++
Using with C++ (STL)
Using with Classic Visual Basic and VBA
Using with COM/ASP
Valid key and block sizes for block cipher algorithms
VBA in 64-bit versions of Office
VBA Wrapper Function List
VBA Wrapper Functions
VBA/C Function Summary
Visual Basic or Visual Basic: VB6 vs VB.NET
What is the CryptoSys API?
Win64 (X64) Platform
Wipe Class
Wipe functions
Xof Class
XOF: eXtendable-Output Function
Zero-length byte arrays in VB6/VBA
Zlib Class

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