CryptoSys PKI Pro Manual

Ecc.MakeKeys Method

Generate an EC public/private key pair and save as two key files.


public static int MakeKeys(
	string publicKeyfile,
	string privateKeyFile,
	Ecc.CurveName curveName,
	string password,
	Ecc.PbeScheme pbes,
	string paramString,
	Ecc.Format fileFormat
Public Shared Function MakeKeys ( _
	publicKeyfile As String, _
	privateKeyFile As String, _
	curveName As Ecc.CurveName, _
	password As String, _
	pbes As Ecc.PbeScheme, _
	paramString As String, _
	fileFormat As Ecc.Format _
) As Integer


name of public key file to be created
name of encrypted private key file to be created
Type: Ecc.CurveName
name of elliptic curve
password to be used for the encrypted key file.
Type: Ecc.PbeScheme
(optional) Password-based encryption scheme to encrypt private key [default = pbeWithSHAAnd3-KeyTripleDES-CBC]
Optional parameters. A set of attribute name=value pairs separated by a semicolon ";" (see remarks).
Type: Ecc.Format
(optional) Format to save file [default = DER binary]

Return Value

Zero if successful or non-zero error code


Valid name-value pairs for paramString are:

count=integerTo set the iteration count used in the PBKDF2 method, e.g. "count=5000;" [default=2048].
prf=hmac-nameTo change the HMAC algorithm used in the PBKDF2 method, e.g. "prf=hmacwithSHA256;" [default=hmacwithSHA1].
rngseed=stringTo add some user-supplied entropy for the key generation process, e.g. "rngseed=pqrrr1234xyz;".
Valid values for hmac-name are {hmacWithSHA1|hmacWithSHA224|hmacWithSHA256|hmacWithSHA384|hmacWithSHA512}.


// All default settings...
n = Ecc.MakeKeys(pubkeyfile, prikeyfile, Ecc.CurveName.Prime192v1, "password");
// With specialist options...
n = Ecc.MakeKeys(pubkeyfile, prikeyfile, Ecc.CurveName.Prime192v1, "password", 
       Ecc.PbeScheme.Pbe_Pbkdf2_aes128_CBC, "count=3999;prf=hmacWithSha256", Ecc.Format.PEM);

See Also

VB6/C equivalent: ECC_MakeKeys

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