CryptoSys PKI Pro Manual


Retrieves the release version number.

VBA/VB6 Syntax

Public Declare Function PKI_Version Lib "diCrPKI.dll" (ByVal nReserved1 As Long, ByVal nReserved2 As Long) As Long

nRet = PKI_Version(0, 0)

C/C++ Syntax

long __stdcall PKI_Version(void *nReserved1, void *nReserved2);


[in] ignored in version 2.8 and above - use 0.
[in] ignored in version 2.8 and above - use 0.

Returns (VBA/C)

Version number as an integer in form Major*100*100 + Minor*100 + Revision. For example, version 20.1.2 would return 200102. If this function fails, it means the toolkit is not installed or the library cannot be found.

VBA Wrapper Syntax

Public Function pkiVersion() As Long

.NET Equivalent

General.Version Method

C++ (STL) Equivalent

static int dipki::Gen::Version ()

Python Equivalent

static Gen.version()


The arguments nReserved1 and nReserved2 are ignored.


Dim nRet As Long
nRet = PKI_Version(0, 0)
Debug.Print "PKI_Version returns " & nRet
' PKI_Version returns 200301

See Also

PKI_LicenceType PKI_CompileTime

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