CryptoSys PKI Pro Manual

"Hello world" programs

The equivalent of the "Hello world" program for CryptoSys PKI Pro is to call the PKI_Version function. If this simple function call works, then it demonstrates that the Toolkit is properly installed (and vice versa!).

Here is some example source code in VB6, C, C# and VB.NET, respectively.

Public Sub ShowVersion()
   Dim nRet As Long
   nRet = PKI_Version(0, 0)
   Debug.Print "Version=" & nRet
End Sub
#include <stdio.h>
#include "diCrPKI.h"
int main(void) 
   long version;
   version = PKI_Version(NULL, NULL);
   printf("Version=%ld\n", version);
   return 0;
using CryptoSysPKI;
static void ShowVersion()
   int ver;
   ver = General.Version();
   Console.WriteLine("Version={0}", ver);
Imports CryptoSysPKI	
Shared Sub ShowVersion()
   Dim ver As Integer
   ver = General.Version()
   Console.WriteLine("Version={0}", ver)
End Sub

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