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Support for CryptoSys PKI

For support, please send details of your problem using our contact page. Please tell us at least:

  1. The programming language you are using (VB6, C#, etc)
  2. The operating system: 64-bit or 32-bit.
  3. The exact error message you are getting.
  4. A snippet of code where the error occurs.

We will gladly respond to "quick" support questions via email using the above contact page, but please check the Known Issues pages first, as well as My signature will not validate.

We reserve the right to charge for our time for more detailed programming issues or for problems not caused by our software. Note that the fee paid for the licence is purely for the licence and the right to download one copy of the software.

For assistance in programming in your language, please see the sections in the manual:

Please also look at the extra advice at Programming with CryptoSys PKI and the Examples for CryptoSys PKI pages.

This page last updated 9 January 2019