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Upgrading to CryptoSys PKI Pro 2.0

CryptoSys PKI Pro 2.0 (released 2020-10-17) supersedes:

and is backwards compatible with all of them (except for a few obsolete .NET methods which have been withdrawn).

Installing over an earlier version

The DLL names are the same. Just overwrite any existing DLL files:

The setup installation program will install the diCrPKI.dll file(s) in the correct system directories (usually C:\Windows\System32 and C:\Windows\SysWOW64). There are spare copies in the CryptoSys PKI Reference Files directory C:\Program Files (x86)\CryptoSysPKI.

Changes to your existing code

No need to make changes because all the existing functions and almost all the existing .NET methods are the same (some .NET methods marked obsolete in earlier versions have been withdrawn).

Recommendation: you should be updating all these old default options to stronger ones. See A caution about insecure default algorithms.
Old default optionNew recommended minimum
Cms.SigAlg.Default (Cms.SigAlg.Rsa_Sha1)Cms.SigAlg.Rsa_Sha256

I don't want to upgrade. What about my existing licence?

Your existing licence is still valid and you may continue to use any earlier legal download indefinitely according to its licence terms.

I want to upgrade. Can I get a discount?

If you have ever purchased a licence for any old version of CryptoSys PKI, you might be eligible for a discount if you ask nicely.


For more information, please send us a message.

This page last updated 18 October 2020

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