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diQRcode: a QR code generator

Use diQRcode to generate QR code images directly from your code or the command line. Supported languages are .NET (C# and VB.NET), VBA/VB6 and C/C++, plus a Windows console command-line interface.

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2021-06-16: Released new diQRcode version 4.0 with support for SVG files and base64 output.
2021-05-24: Released diQRcode version 3.0 with support for PDF files.

The output is either a black and white GIF or New SVG image file or a PDF document.

Facilities are provided to encode characters in UTF-8 encoding. You can specify various parameters for the output QR code, see Technical info.

Feedback on diQRcode

“ Simply to thank you for this product! Long time I searched for this functionality for my application in Access and for a real reasonable price. (I found your site by searching for UTF-8 conversion tool! ;)) ”

Quick examples


using diQRcodeNet;
int r = QRcode.CreateGif("hello.gif", "Hello world!");
Hello World! Result = file "hello.gif": Default 2 pixels per module, EC level M, margin = 4 modules.

For more information see .NET programming (C#/VB.NET).


Dim r As Long
r = qrcodeCreateGif("hello.gif", "Hello world!")

For more information see VBA/VB6 programming.


int r;
r = QRCODE_CreateGif("hello41h.gif", "Hello world!", 4, "margin=1", QRCODE_ECC_H);
Hello World! Result = file "hello41h.gif": 4 pixels per module, EC level H, margin = 1 modules.

For more information see C/C++ programming.


Command-line (using diqrc.exe)
> diqrc hello.gif "Hello world!"
Created file 'hello.gif'.

> diqrc --ppm=4 --ecc-level=H --margin=1 hello41h.gif "Hello world!"
Created file 'hello41h.gif'.

For more information see Command line interface.

Download Trial

Download the Trial Edition of diQRcode for Windows now. The Trial Edition is fully-functional and expires after 60 days. Please read the licence conditions for the Trial Edition.

Most recent production version 4.0.0 compiled 16 June 2021. Use either

Either unzip the zip file and run the install.exe program inside it, or download the exe program directly and run it. Minimum required operating system is Windows XP-SP2 and above (that is, XP/Vista/W7/W8/W10) or Windows Server 2003 and above.

Please note it is a breach of copyright to put a copy of these installation files on another server or to distribute them in any manner except by providing a link to this page.

Trouble installing: If Microsoft Defender Smartscreen gives you a warning, see Unrecognized app error. (TL;DR Click "More info" then "Run anyway"). Check that you see "Publisher: D.I. MANAGEMENT SERVICES PTY LIMITED".

After installing, test by opening a command line window and typing diqrc --help.

Buy now

You can purchase a licenced version here. (Please make sure you have tested the Trial Edition before purchase and make sure it does what you require.)

Existing licence holders can download the latest Developer Version here.


See the Documentation page.


For support, please contact us and provide at least the following
  1. The programming language you are using (C#, VB6, command-line, etc)
  2. The exact error message you are getting.
  3. A snippet of code where the error occurs (including the input arguments).
Before contacting support, please open a command-line console and check that the following works
diqrc --help
If this fails, re-install the program.

If you are getting error messages like "Cannot find DLL" or similar, please read Using on a 64-bit platform.

Technical info

Technical info: The output is QR code model 2. You can specify: The QR "version" is decided automatically based on the input data. Version 1 (21 × 21 modules) up to Version 40 (177 × 177 modules) are supported.
The "Mode" is always 8-bit mode.



Revision history

Contact us

To contact us or comment on this page, please send us a message.

This page first published 4 April 2021. Last updated 6 August 2023.

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