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CFDi 4.0

2021-12-17: New Released FirmaSAT version 10.40 with support for CFDi versión 4.0, Complemento Pagos v2.0, and CFDI Retenciones v2.0.

Link to SAT page

Here is the official SAT page for CFDi 4.0:

CFD v4.0 Examples

CFD v4.0 Examples - some example XML documents.

Complemento Carta Porte v2.0

Complemento Carta Porte v2.0 was first published by SAT on 26 October 2021. It is compulsory from 1 January 2022.

Official SAT page for Complemento Carta Porte


See Cancelación CFDI versión 4.0 por 2022.

Summary of Complementos

Our summary of the complementos and complementos concepto used in CFDi v4.0 documents.
Complementos and Complementos Concepto

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This page last updated 3 February 2022