CryptoSys API Library Manual


Get additional information about the core DLL module.

VBA/VB6 Syntax

Public Declare Function API_ModuleInfo Lib "diCryptoSys.dll" (ByVal strName As String, ByVal nStrLen As Long, ByVal nOptions As Long) As Long

nRet = API_ModuleInfo(strName, nStrLen, 0)

C/C++ Syntax

long __stdcall API_ModuleInfo(char *szOutput, long nOutChars, long nOptions);


[out] Buffer to receive output string.
[in] Maximum length of output string in bytes.
[in] option flags: not used in this release. Specify zero.

Returns (VBA/C)

If successful, the return value is the number of characters in or required for the output string; otherwise it returns a negative error code.

VBA Wrapper Syntax

Public Function apiModuleInfo (Optional nOptions As Long = 0) As String

.NET Equivalent

General.ModuleInfo Method

Example (VBA core function)

Dim nLen As Long
Dim strModuleInfo As String

nLen = API_ModuleInfo("", 0, 0)
If nLen > 0 Then
    strModuleInfo = String(nLen, " ")
    nLen = API_ModuleInfo(strModuleInfo, nLen, 0)
    strModuleInfo = Left(strModuleInfo, nLen)
    Debug.Print "API_ModuleInfo returns " & nLen & " [" & strModuleInfo & "]"
    Debug.Print "Error " & nLen & " with API_ModuleInfo"
End If
API_ModuleInfo returns 26 [Licensed Developer Edition]

Example (VBA wrapper function)

Debug.Print apiCompileTime()
Debug.Print apiModuleInfo()
Debug.Print apiModuleName()
Debug.Print apiPlatform()

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