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Documentation for SC14N

A summary of documentation links.
Command Line Interface
Using SC14N from the command line
Programming interfaces
Programming interfaces to SC14N
C programming
The C/C++ interface to diSc14n.dll - the raw "core" C interface, requires explicit memory allocation.
C++ (STL) programming
The C++ (STL) interface to Sc14n - uses std::string and std::vector.
.NET programming - C# and VB.NET
The .NET interface to Sc14n
Sc14n .NET Class Library (fancy form with frames)
Sc14n.NET.chm (zipped CHM file download)
VBA/VB6 programming
The VBA/VB6 interface to the diSc14n.dll library.
Python programming
sc14npy - the Python interface to SC14N
Delphi/FreePascal programming
Delphi/FreePascal interface to SC14N

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