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Purchase a developer's licence for diQRcode

Developer's Licence

A Developer's Licence for diQRcode costs US$25 (excluding government taxes). One developer licence allows you to use the program on one developer PC and allows full incorporation into your applications for distribution to unlimited third parties world wide or within your organisation. Please read the developer licence.

Please download and test the Trial Edition to make sure it does what you require before purchase.

To purchase

We sell our products through our reseller, FastSpring, who accept all major credit credit cards including American Express, Mastercard and Visa as well as PayPal, Purchase Orders and Wire Transfers.

  1. Purchase the diQRcode Developer Licence from the FastSpring Secure Order Store: Buy It Now »
    Buy it now
  2. You will be issued with a 14-character Licence ID. The Licence ID is in the Delivery Information email you will receive from FastSpring acknowledging your purchase.
  3. Enter your Licence ID on our download page to receive the latest Developer Edition of the software.

Note that the fee paid for the licence is purely for the licence and the right to download one copy of the software. You are assumed to have tested the Trial Edition and satisfied yourself that it works as you require.

Credit card statement:

Your credit card will be billed by FS* or FS**. Please make sure any purchasing officer in your company who might review credit card statements is aware of this.

If you have problems with your credit card when making making a payment, please follow the Contact links on the FastSpring order page and they will try to help you or follow this FastSpring Contact link.


Licensed Users: Holders of a developer's licence can download the latest developer's edition from here.


For technical help or to report a problem, please contact us.

This page last updated 8 May 2021